Sage Partner Portal FAQs

This document provides an overview of the most commonly asked questions about the Sage Partner Portal.

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NEW! Q: How do I request a Partner playground log in for Sage Nonprofit Online?

A: Send an email to Jamy Squillace with your serial number.

Please note:
Accounts will be created within 5 business days of request.
Each Partner will receive 1 demo account for Sage Nonprofit Online.

Q: I log in to the Sage Partner Portal and the screen freezes. My customers have reported the same behaviour in the Sage Customer Portal.

A: Your zoom rate on the screen is likely set to something other than 100%. In Internet Explorer, press Ctrl+0 to set the zoom level to 100%. This should resolve the issue.

Q: When I browse to, no registration link is displayed. How do I log in?

A: Requests for Sage Partner Portal log-ins should be routed to your primary contact. The Primary contact at each Channel Partner firm was pre-registered with the administrator credentials. Instructions to create log-ins if you are a primary contact are located on the Home>Partner Resources page under ‘Assign Portal Access’.

If you are the primary and do not have a log in, please contact your Partner Advocate.

Q: How can I access the knowledgebase for NPS products?

A: Access the Knowedgebase Instructions

Q: When I click on Account Management>My Customers nothing populates. Why not?

A: This is a search tool. You need to click ‘Show advanced search’, enter criteria as applicable, then click 'Go' for results to be returned. Use an asterisk as a wildcard to return a range of records. Ex. Buffalo*

Q: How do I get a list of my aligned customers?

A: Click on Report Center>Customer Data, and a list of aligned customers displays with account name and number.

Q: How do I export a report? I don't see an export option on the page.

A: Run the report you need, then right click anywhere within the data returned on screen. You will see the option to 'Broadcast & Export>Export to Excel'. Choose this option to export the data.

Q: Why did Sage remove the ability to view my customers’ support tickets online?

A: This feature is still available, but is not automatically granted. Your customer needs to assign the permission found under Profile >Profile Details in the Sage Customer Portal.

See Detailed Customer Instructions.

Q: Where can I find the modules and products list for my customers?

A: Click Reports Center> Customer Segmentation, and run this report. Click Customer Segmentation Report Instructions for more details.

Click Report Index from the Report Center for more information on all available reports.

Q: How can I see the contact lists for my customers?

A: Click on Account Management>My Customers> Advanced Search (if it is hidden), and enter the customer’s account # to search. Click on the ‘Contacts’ tab to view a list of all contacts for that customer’s account.

Q: Where can I find collateral, white papers, and other marketing materials we used to order thru Sage Software Online?

A: These items were moved to the Partner Marketing Resource Center

Q: How do I make sure that my Partner Support Cases are not used when I log a ticket on behalf of my customer?

A: When you log a ticket on behalf of a customer, the customer must be on a Business Care plan with Sage.
In the 'End Customer' field on the ticket screen, enter the customer’s acct #. This is how the analyst who takes the ticket will know to mark it 'free of charge' so the case is returned to your count.

NOTE: Nonprofit Solutions does not allow your Channel Partner support cases to be used for off-plan customer issues. If you have questions about this, please contact your Partner Advocate.