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Sage 300 ERP (Sage Accpac ERP) 5.6
User Documentation

This page provides a list of the user documentation, except help, that was released with Sage Accpac ERP version 5.6 and integrated products. You can download guides, release notes, and checklists individually, or you can download zipped files that contain sets of documentation.

To download guides for System Manager and accounting modules that are not listed here, visit the version 5.5 User Documentation page.

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Product Update Release Notes

Release Notes for 5.6A Product Update 1.
Release Notes for 5.6A Product Update 2.
Release Notes for 5.6A Product Update 3.

Checklists (download all)

A list of requirements and important steps to complete before installing or upgrading.
A list of typical day-end tasks to perform routinely.
A list of typical period-end tasks to perform routinely.
A list of typical year-end tasks to perform routinely.

Guides (download all)

Installation and System Administrator's Guide
Financial Reporter User and Quick Reference Guides
Financial Link Pro User Guide

Release Notes (download all)

Important information about Sage ERP Accpac, including product changes that are not in the documentation
Changes and new features in this version
System requirements and upgrade information
Changes to database tables and fields, data pipes, and reports
Lists of fields that you can include when developing formats for printed forms and when adapting sample forms
Describes how to use Crystal Reports to modify the reports and forms that come with Sage ERP Accpac, such as customer statements, payment checks, invoices, and stock labels

Payment Processing Documentation

Sage ERP Accpac Payment Processing Readme

Sage FAS Integration Documentation

Sage FAS Integration Guide

SageCRM 7.0 Integration Documentation (download all)

SageCRM 7.0 Integration Update Notice
SageCRM 7.0 Integration Guide

SageCRM 6.2 Integration Documentation (download all)

SageCRM 6.2 Integration Update Notice
SageCRM 6.2 Integration Guide
SageCRM 6.2 Integration Developer Tools Guide

HRMS Integration Documentation

Sage HRMS Integration Guide