How to Update an Existing Support Ticket

  1. Log on to the Sage Customer Portal and select Cases> Case History at the top.

  2. You are given the options to select a date range and 'My Cases' or 'My Company's Cases'. Choose an applicable option.
  3. From the list that returns, click the applicable ticket number you need to update.(It is hyperlinked)
  4. Click the 'Update' button
  5. Add your message in the 'Additional info' field or click 'Attachements' to add an attachment
  6. Click the 'Submit' button. You will receive confirmation on screen that your ticket was updated.
  7. Click 'Done' to return to the list. Click Products>Resources to return to the resources menu.

    You can update existing tickets online 24x7. A Customer Support Analyst will respond to your request during normal business hours.